Abiquo 5.1

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NameName of the datastore tier
DescriptionA brief description of the datastore tier
Storage Allocation PolicyAllocation method for assigning hard disks to datastores. See Storage Pool Allocation. Overrides the abiquo.storagemanager.storageMethod property set for the whole Abiquo platform in Abiquo Configuration Properties
Allow access to this tier

When you create or edit a tier, select this checkbox to allow all new enterprises to access the tier after you save the change.

You can add or remove access to a tier for all enterprises on the Enterprise access tab of the tier, or for a single enterprise at Users → edit Enterprise → Allowed datacenter → Datastore tiers.

EnableEnable or disable this tier. Disable a tier to block access when creating and configuring tiers, and when performing maintenance. You cannot disable a tier if it contains hard disks. You cannot set a disabled tier as the default.

Make this tier the default for the datacenter. If no VM tier is set, and no default tiers of higher priority are set, the platform will select this tier.

The order of priority of default tiers is:

  1. template disk
  2. virtual datacenter
  3. datacenter
  4. any of the allowed tiers

If this tier is selected and it is not functional, deploy will fail with a scheduler error.