Abiquo 5.1

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Define static routes




The name of the external VLAN with up to 128 characters

IPv6To create an IPv6 network, select this checkbox
StrictFor IPv6 networks only. If you select Strict, the platform will automatically generate EUI64 IP addresses.

Net. Address

The network address of the VLAN

Netmask (CIDR)

The network mask in CIDR format. For IPv4, the value can be from 16 to 30 inclusive, and for IPv6, enter a value of 64, 56, or 48


The gateway of the network, which must be within the range defined by the network address and the network mask


The tag to use for this network, e.g. VLAN tag


Check tag availability for all racks of the datacenter as you should define each network with the same tag on all racks. Green = available, Yellow = in use, Red = unavailable

Network service typeSelect the Network Service Type, which represents a Network Interface on the hypervisors.


Select to create an unmanaged network, when you will manage IP addresses outside Abiquo


Select the owner enterprise that will use the external VLAN

DeviceTo manage IP addresses with a network virtualization system, select the device that defines this system in the cloud platform. VMs deployed on this network must allow traffic to the appropriate ports for the virtualization system's connection, e.g. DHCP

Primary DNS

Address of the Primary DNS server

Secondary DNS

Address of the Secondary DNS server

DNS suffix

The default DNS suffix

RestrictedSelect to create a Restricted network so that users require the privileges to Attach NICs in restricted networks and/or Detach NICs from restricted networks
Excluded from firewallSelect Excluded from firewall to define a network where VM firewall policies will not apply

Static Routes

Select the Define checkbox to add and modify static routes