Abiquo 5.0

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Virtual Datacenter

The Virtual datacenter where the volume will be created


The name of the volume


A description of the volume

Total Size

Select the maximum size of the volume


The Tier (service level) of the volume

Controller type

Select from SCSI or IDE on all hypervisors. Also VIRTIO on KVM
If the user does not enter a value:

  • On ESXI, the default controller is IDE
  • On all other hypervisors, the default is SCSI

On ESXi only. The user can create multiple SCSI controllers and more than one of each type.

The Default value is: VirtualLsiLogicController or the controller defined by the system administrator. This controller is used if a virtual machine is deployed with no SCSI controller or SCSI disks.

The user can enter text in the Controller field and these controllers would be created depending on if the text contains:

  • "paravirtual": ParaVirtualSCSIController
  • "bus": VirtualBusLogicController
  • "sas": VirtualLsiLogicSASController
  • none of the above: VirtualLsiLogicController
BootableMark this checkbox to indicate that the virtual machine can boot from this volume