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Abiquo 5.0

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The disk type of the template. If the type is incorrect or UNKNOWN, you cannot deploy a VM with the disk. See Disk Format Information.


The hard disk space that is required to deploy this disk. See Determining the size of a VM Disk File.

Capacity unitsMB, GB, or TB
File nameTo download the disk, click Download beside the file name
Datastore tierTo set the storage service level of the template disk, select a Datastore tier. You can modify this value in a VM before you deploy it
Datastore tier will be required while creating a virtual machineOptional. The user will require privileges to select a datastore tier in order to create a VM
Allocation typeThe user with appropriate privileges can modify this value in a VM before they deploy it
Controller typeIf you change the controller type your VM may not boot. The user can modify this value after they create a VM and before they deploy it.

On ESXi for SCSI

  • You can use multiple controllers on a VM and you can change the controller, even after deploy
  • The default value is lsilogic or a value set by the system administrator

See Template disk controllers for SCSI

NameHard disk name
BootableSelect this checkbox to indicate that this is a system disk that can boot the VM