Abiquo 5.2

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The platform uses configuration properties to control the number of concurrent operations to:

  • a hypervisor
  • provider
  • device
  • backup manager.  

The platform can control concurrency for:

  • VM operations
  • Entities associated with VMs
    • firewalls
    • load balancers
    • NAT IPs
    • backups.

You can define concurrency limits at the level of:

  • the platform
  • a specific hypervisor type or provider (e.g. vCloud with no concurrency) without affecting other types (e.g. ESXi with maximum concurrency).
  • VDCs so the platform can limit concurrent operations that affect the same virtual datacenter, while allowing concurrent operations to other VDCs. The platform applies the limits (platform or provider) PER VDC.  

You can also allow concurrent operations to change the state of a VM (e.g. power on), while limiting concurrent configure operations.

See the "openSession" properties at Abiquo Configuration Properties#virtualfactory

For a detailed explanation, see Control the number of concurrent operations

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