Abiquo 6.0

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Dynamic dashboards

The Abiquo home view contains dynamic dashboards to give you tables and graphical information about the resources you are managing on the platform. 

By default the Default dashboard displays the Metrics, Hybrid, and Optimization tabs. 

The administrator can fully customize the Default dashboard as required. It is also possible to restore the default dashboard in case anything goes wrong in your initial experiments!

Users can create their own dashboards if they have the privileges to manage dashboards.

All users who can manage dashboards can also customize them with a selection of widgets from the widget catalog.

Users can move and resize widgets according to their needs.

For example, you can create a dashboard tab with cost control widgets for AWS.

And another dashboard for Azure!

Display the dashboard for another tenant

To display the dashboard statistics of another enterprise, click on the enterprise in the Enterprise list. The name of the selected enterprise will display above the dashboard panels.

Switch to another tenant

All Abiquo users belong to a tenant, which in Abiquo is called an enterprise. You can work with virtual resources in one tenant at a time only.
To change to administer a different tenant, you do not need to log out and log in again.

To switch to another tenant:

  1. Go to Home view or Users view
  2. In the Enterprises list select the tenant
  3. Click the building Switch enterprises button beside the tenant name
  • The platform will display the name of the enterprise that you are currently in the top right-hand corner of the screen. It will also display a green tick on the Switch enterprises button beside this tenant
  • All your actions with virtual datacenters, virtual appliances, VMs and VM templates will apply to the current enterprise until you switch to another enterprise
  • By default, when you log out and log in again, the platform will not reset the enterprise to your user's default enterprise. In an SSO environment, the platform will reset the enterprise at login
  • In Home view, the platform will automatically switch enterprises if you select another enterprise and double-click on a VDC, VApp, or VM to jump directly to it

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