Abiquo 5.4

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On the default Home view dashboard, the Hybrid tab provides an overview of your resources in public cloud providers and private cloud. 

To jump straight to a VM double click on its label or name in a table. 

Virtual machines count

This panel lists the enterprise's VMs that are deployed in public cloud providers or private cloud. You can filter the list by public cloud provider or private cloud. 

Screenshot: Virtual machines count in private cloud

Workload of VMs by location

This panel shows a graph of the enterprise's VMs deployed in public cloud providers or private cloud. The virtual machines are counted by location (public cloud region or datacenter). To display a more detailed list with a count of VMs in each location, hover over the graph

Billing details

On the Hybrid tab, there is an optional Billing details section.
Privilege: View bills

If billing information is available, the platform can display the billing details for public cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google on the Hybrid tab. The platform will display the Latest bills and Estimated bill.

Latest bills:

Estimated bill:

For the current period, the platform calculates the estimated bill using a linear regression of daily costs for the current period, and the change in spend from the last bill for the selected provider.

To view more details of the latest bills, click the link to Show more bills. To display more details, mouse over the chart.

To display the chart in stacked format, click the Stacked button. To display the bill chart in grouped format, click the Grouped button.

To display a bill for a single provider, split by the service categories in the bills, select the provider from the pull down menu.

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