Abiquo 5.3

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You can pass enterprise properties to VMs using cloud-init. An example use case for this feature is to call an external Windows License or AD server and automatically assign your VMs to the appropriate AD group when they deploy.

  • VM variables and template variables have priority over enterprise properties with the same name

To add enterprise properties as VM variables when you create your VMs:

  1. Create an enterprise property with a Key called "vm_variables_csv"
  2. For the Value, enter a list of regular expressions in CSV format
    1. The platform will try to match the expression with each property key string.
      For example, for the following vm_variables_cv

      aa, bb.*, .*cc.*, .*dd

      the platform will create VM variables with any property that is

      • named "aa"
      • starts with "bb"
      • contains "cc"
      • ends with "dd"

The platform will create VMs with the selected VM variables.

Remember that users can edit the VM variables before they deploy the VMs.