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Abiquo 4.4

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This section describes how to integrate Abiquo with other parts of the datacenter environment.

The Abiquo REST API

The Abiquo platform contains a full featured RESTful API with navigable hypertext links. Abiquo also provides libraries for popular development platforms such as Java and Python. See The Abiquo API

Abiquo Workflow Feature

You can create a connector to integrate the Abiquo Workflow Feature and your workflow system. When users request deploy and reconfigure tasks, the Abiquo Workflow Feature will hold the user tasks, send HTTP requests and wait for a response to continue or cancel the tasks. See Abiquo Workflow Feature

Abiquo Outbound API

The Abiquo Outbound API is an event streaming feature that is part of the Abiquo M module. See Abiquo Outbound API

Backup Plugin Archetype

Develop your own backup plugin. See Backup Plugin Archetype

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