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Abiquo API Java client

The Abiquo API Java Client is an API client for the Abiquo API. The Abiquo API is a RESTful API, so any REST client can be used to connect to it. The API Java Client project uses OkHttp and Jackson and provides some high level functions to guide the use of best practices to easily perform common tasks.

It also provides a client for the Abiquo Streaming API allowing users to develop reactive tools that integrate with the Abiquo Cloud Management platform.


The Abiquo API Java Client is released to the Maven Central and Sonatype snapshot repositories, so you just have to declare dependencies in your pom.xml, for the api-java-client and api-java-stream-client as required. For more details, see the readme file of the Abiquo API Java Client.

REST API client usage

To use the client, create an instance of the ApiClient class provide the configuration to connect to the target Abiquo API. For more details, see the readme file in the API Java Client repository.

To use OAuth authentication, register your application to authorize it in the Abiquo API. You can do this with the register.py script provided in the api-python-client.

After you create the ApiClient, you can use it to interact with the different endpoints exposed in the Abiquo API.

Java Stream client usage

You can use the Java Stream Client to receive the Abiquo events streamed by the [Abiquo Outbound API](https://wiki.abiquo.com/display/doc/Abiquo+Outbound+API. The API Stream Client also supports OAuth authentication to enable secure connections. The Java Stream Client will enable developers to build event-based integrations and it complements the Abiquo API Java Client. The Java Stream Client is available as part of the API Java Client.

For more details, see the readme file of the Java Stream Client.


The Abiquo API Java Client is licensed under the Apache License version 2. For further details, see the License file in the repository.

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