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Abiquo 5.0 enables the user to set a bandwidth in a virtual datacenter for all the NSX NAT IPs using Quality of Service (QoS traffic shaping) parameters. This feature requires a new privilege to Manage NAT bandwidth limit. During an upgrade or when you create a virtual datacenter, the new "natbandwidthlimit" attribute is present but you must edit the virtual datacenter to enable it in the platform and in the NSX. 

To edit the bandwidth limit and apply it in the NSX:

  1. Select the virtual datacenter and go to Network → QoS
  2. Click the pencil edit button 
    1. To enable the bandwidth limit in a specific direction, select the Enabled checkbox for that direction
    2. Set QoS values for your virtual datacenter. Be sure to allow enough bandwidth to share between all the NAT IPs in the virtual datacenter.

    Provider IDRead only
    EnabledTo enable traffic shaping in a specific direction, select this checkbox
    AverageThe average amount of bandwidth, in bits per second, that the virtual datacenter can use
    PeakThe maximum bandwidth in bits per second that the virtual datacenter can use
    Burst sizeThe amount of data that can be transmitted at the peak bandwidth rate in bytes. A burst bonus accumulates when traffic is below the Average value and this bandwidth can be used for bursts.

To register changes that were made outside the platform, save existing NAT bandwidth values. In the API, to register changes, send a POST request with the existing values.

For more details about using NAT in Abiquo, see:

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