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Introduction to devices

The platform has integrations with network virtualization systems to offer features such as network blueprints, self-service firewall and load balancer policies, NAT, and VPNs. The platform uses Devices to define integrations with external systems.

Devices do the following:

  • register the endpoint and credentials of the network virtualization system in a private cloud datacenter
  • contain a list of the virtual datacenters that the network virtualization system is managing.

A device can be created:

  1. For a datacenter
  2. For a single enterprise

A device belonging to a specific enterprise has a higher priority than a device for all enterprises.

The device functionality is transparent to the cloud user, who will automatically have self-service access to networks, and firewall and load balancer policies.

Privilege: Manage devices

Create a device to define a network virtualization system

To create a device to define a network virtualization system:

  1. Go to Infrastructure → Private → select Datacenter → Datacenter details view → Network → Devices
  2. Click the + add button and enter the device details



    Plugin type

    Network virtualization system and blueprint

    InterfacesA list of interfaces or functionality supported by the plugin


    The name of the device. Identify the device to users who will create platform networks, such as external and public networks


    The username of the account that Abiquo will use to connect to the device.
    For NSX: use a vCenter account with NSX permissions


    The password of the account that Abiquo will use to connect to the device.


    Your description of the device


    The URL where Abiquo can connect to the device; usually requires HTTPS


    Optional: to restrict the device to a single cloud tenant, select the enterprise.

    If you do not select a tenant, the device will be the default for all enterprises that do not have a specific device assigned,

Select devices for external and public networks

To use a network virtualization system to manage Abiquo external and public networks, the Network Administrator must first pre-create the networks in the network virtualization systems. Then when you create the external or public network in Abiquo, select the device for your virtualization system.

Edit a device

When you edit a device, the changes you can make will depend on the network virtualization system.


Manage devices using the API

This feature is available in the Abiquo API. See DeviceTypesResource , DatacenterDevicesResource and DevicesResource

  • When you create a device with the API, remember to set vdcDefault to true.
  • If you created a device to use by all enterprises, if you want to create a VDC that does not use this device, use the API to set vdcDefault to false while you create the VDC.

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