Abiquo 5.2

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To manage remote services, go to Infrastructure → Remote Services.

Create a remote service

  1. Go to Infrastructure → Remote services
  2. Click the + add button 
  3. Enter the General information

    TypeSelect the type of the remote service
    URI protocolThe default value should work fine
    URI IP address

    Enter the address of the server where the remote services are running

    URI Port

    The port for the connection to the remote service.
    Default ports for DHCP are 7911 (omapi) and 832 (dnsmasq)

    URI NameThe name of the remote service webapp
    Check all / Check

    Click to ensure that the Abiquo Server can connect to the remote service

  4. Optionally add the Locations that will use the remote service. You can also add the remote service directly when you create a new datacenter or public cloud region. 

    To optionally assign the remote service directly to a location:

    1. Click the + add button
    2. Select an appropriate location. 
      After you have added the remote service to a location, it will be displayed in the locations list.

Modify a Remote Service

When you edit a remote service:

  • To change the location of a remote service, click the Add location link.
  • To remove a remote service from a location (but not delete it from the platform), edit it and click the red x button beside the location. 
  • To change the location of the Appliance manager or the Business process manager, you must replace these remote services in the location. To do this, edit the remote service and enter the URL for the replacement remote service(s). If you change the Appliance manager, you must maintain the same NFS repository

Delete a remote service

To delete a remote service, first remove it from any locations where it is in use. If you wish to delete an Appliance manager or a Business process manager remote service, you must replace it in the location where it is in use or delete the datacenter or public cloud region.