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Abiquo 4.7

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The Abiquo Monolithic deployment is a simple environment suitable for trial and proof-of-concept environments.

It supports one private DC only, as well as any number of public cloud regions.

Monolithic appliance

Installation requirements

  • 2 CPUs
  • 8 Gb RAM
  • 64 Gb HD

Installation parameters



Server FQDN

This FQDN must be resolvable from customer premises, in order for SSL and the Appliance manager to work as expected.

It must be reachable from the Remote Services appliances too for the Appliance Library to work as expected.

Abiquo will use self-signed certificates for trial environments

Abiquo Datacenter IDInternal ID of the trial DC. It must be unique for each DC, and all remote services and V2V appliances inside the DC must use the same datacenter ID
VM repository folderNFS share for the VM repository folder of the DC. Each private DC must have a different NFS share

Firewall requirements






It will be redirected to port 443 by default

AnywhereTCP/443 (HTTPS)Proxy port for API/AM/UI services
Monitoring applianceTCP/5672RabbitMQ default port for Abiquo components to exchange messages


Monolithic environment worksheet

Monolithic environment worksheet sample