Abiquo 5.3

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Abiquo's multi-cloud resource tags enable you to manage public cloud tags and create inventories of groups of related resources, for example, you can tag all the resources in a project and display them together.

Manage tags on multi-cloud resources

You can easily enter the tags in the Abiquo multi-cloud user-friendly single pane of glass for managing all popular cloud providers. 

Abiquo supports tags in public cloud providers and tags that are local to the multi-cloud platform. In private cloud and also on resources that exist in the platform only you can create local tags only. Abiquo manages, onboards, and synchronizes tags from public cloud providers. Abiquo describes the tags that exist in the platform and the provider as "materialized" tags.

For example, for a VM in Amazon AWS, you can manage your own tags and onboard tags that are already in the provider.

Filter resources by tags

There is also a new Tags section in the Control view that will enable you to search for resources by tags and filter lists of resources by tags.

The multi-cloud tag feature enables you to tag resources in transversal projects using more than one cloud provider and also private cloud, which makes it easier for you to inventory these resources. You can also display tags in the console of the public cloud provider and configure the options to display tags on public cloud provider invoices. 

Provider tag support

Abiquo 5.2 supports tags in the Amazon and Azure providers. Support for tags for Google Cloud Platform will be added in coming versions.

Provider or hypervisorLocal tagsProvider tags
Amazon Web Services(tick)(tick)
Microsoft Azure(tick)(tick)
Google Cloud(tick)-
vCloud Director(tick)-

Resource tag support

The following resources support tags and the public cloud providers support tags on these resources.   

ResourceLocal tagsProvider tags
Virtual machines(tick)(tick)
Virtual appliances(tick)-
Virtual datacenters(tick)(tick)
VM templates(tick)(tick)
Load balancers(tick)(tick)
IP addressesplanned(tick)
Scaling groups(tick)-

Future extensions to the tagging feature

Future extensions to this feature may include reports on groups of resources with the same tag, definition of cost centers by tags to enable you to create custom budgets, and action plans that you can run on a group of tagged resources. This means that you will be able to combine this functionality, so for example, if you exceed the budget for a group of VMs with the same tag, then the platform can run an action plan on a group of VMs defined by tags.

Abiquo vCenter-tags tool

The new tagging feature does not manage tags in vCenter. Some administrators may be familiar with the vCenter-tags tool that enables an administrator to add Abiquo data to tags in vCenter. This tool is separate from the Abiquo platform and it is unrelated to the multi-cloud tagging feature.

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