Abiquo 5.4

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Abiquo 5.4 offers you complete control over multi-cloud storage limits per tenant. In Abiquo 5.3.x versions, you could create limits for private cloud datacenters and for tenants in multiple datacenters.

Now in Abiquo 5.4, you can also create storage service level limits per tenant in public cloud.

Abiquo 5.4 automatically onboards the datastore tiers from public cloud providers and it creates abstract datastore tiers to represent each tier in all locations.

The abstract datastore tiers will be named as the provider name + "-" + datastore tier name

So the same datastore tier, but for different regions of the same provider, will be grouped in the same abstract datastore tier.

This will allow admins to limit the same datastore tier across different regions.

The Abstract datastore tiers widget will now display the limits and usage for public cloud storage too. It only displays providers and datastore tiers that the user's enterprise can access.


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