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Abiquo 4.7

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Download the corresponding Abiquo appliance and follow the steps below:

  1. Open the vCenter vSphere web client
  2. Go to Host and clusters section in the vSphere web client side panel
  3. Go to Actions and click on Deploy OVF template

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  4. Select Local file and choose the OVA you downloaded in step 1. Click Next
  5. The vSphere client will display the OVA details. Click Next

  6. Accept the EULA and click Next
  7. Edit the deployed VM name and choose where you want to deploy it. After this, click Next
  8. Select which cluster or host will be used for deploy and click Next
  9. Choose the datastore for the deployed VM and click Next
  10. Select the network destination for the VM management NIC and click Next

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  11. Enter the template details depending on the OVA you are deploying. For more details, see the parameters table in the documentation for the module. When configured, click Next

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  12. Review the deployment configuration details. If they are OK, you can select the "Power on after deployment" checkbox. If you need to add extra NICs and HDDs to the VM before deployment, do not select it. Click Finish

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