Abiquo 5.1

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Make IP addresses unavailable

New IP addresses will be available to all users. If you need to use IPs for administration purposes or wish to prevent user access to one or more IPs, make them unavailable. You cannot modify IPs that are in use on VMs already.

To edit the available IP addresses:

  1. Select the network, then click the Available IPs link in the top right-hand corner of the IPs page. 
  2. On the Edit network popup for Available IPs
    • To move a single IP to another column, select it and click button with a single arrow pointing in the direction to move
    • To move all IPs to the other column, click the double arrow button with the arrows pointing in the direction to move 

How to Put an IP on a denylist

In private cloud, to quarantine an IP address in order to prevent a tenant from using it, or to release a quarantined IP address, do these steps.

  1. Select one or more IPs
  2. Click the quarantine (!) symbol and confirm. 

The platform will toggle the quarantine status of the selected IPs. 

Delete IP addresses

You can delete IP addresses that are not in use by VMs.

Delete networks

Before you begin, check that there are no VMs using IP addresses from this network. You cannot delete a network if any of its IP addresses are in use on VMs.