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This section introduces the key concepts of the integrations with vCloud Director, AWS, and Azure.

Virtual datacenters

The platform offers user access to virtual datacenters (VDCs) that are separate groups of virtual resources. A VDC has equivalents in each cloud provider, so it gives you a common interface and API to all the providers - see the table below. For example, the platform’s concept of the VDC is equivalent to  the VPC in AWS (Amazon). In vCloud Director (vCloud), the VDC is equivalent to a vApp. In ARM Compute (Azure), the VDC is equivalent to a Virtual Network and its associated resources. 

Virtual appliances

Within its VDCs, the platform groups VMs into virtual appliances (VApps). The purpose of the VApp is to enable you to manage a group of VMs together, which means that you can deploy them in one click, or view their metrics together, or create custom metrics for the VApp, for example. You can move VMs from one VApp to another within the same VDC. A VApp is not equivalent to any specific concept in vCloud or public cloud.


In vCloud, the platform supports the onboarding of the following networks:

  • External networks outside the OrgVDC but connected to the Edge are external networks in the platform, for use by load balancers but not VM vNICs
  • External networks outside the OrgVDC with a direct connection to OrgVDC as OrgVDCNetwork are external networks
  • Org networks inside the Org VDC and routed through the Edge are external networks
  • Isolated Org networks are external networks, for use by VM vNICs but not load balancers
  • vApp networks are private networks.
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