Abiquo 5.0

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The following improvements to the Amazon (AWS) and Azure (ARM) public cloud integrations are included in Abiquo 4.7.1.

New public cloud regions in the Middle East

Abiquo 4.7.1 introduces support for the following regions in the Middle East:

  • Azure - UAE North Dubai

  • Amazon - Middle East Bahrain ("me-south-1")

Credentials for separate regions

Abiquo 4.7.1 introduces support for separate credentials in regions or groups of regions. For example, regions in China require their own credentials, so users can select a separate provider for these groups of regions.

Encrypted EBS volumes

In Abiquo 4.7.1, users can create encrypted EBS disks in the platform and onboard encrypted disks. The platform will use encryption when you create an instance template of an encrypted disk, and when you create a VM from this template. If your region has encryption set by default and you create a disk without encryption in the platform, this will trigger a warning message.

Add region name to AWS provider

When you create an AWS region, the platform now displays the region name, instead of the region provider ID, and the default region name is name + _sequence number + region name.

This can make it easier for users to identify regions when they create virtual datacenters. The new region name format is shown in the selection below.

Create Amazon and Azure accounts in the API and v5.0 preview

Abiquo is currently developing the new UI for release in Abiquo 5.0. An exciting preview of the new Create accounts feature for public cloud, including AWS and Azure is available in the API of Abiquo 4.7.1 and in the beta version of the UI for Abiquo 5.0.

In the user interface, after you add your partner credentials, you can then easily create accounts for your customers. Just click the Add account button.

A new popup will open for you to enter the customer details that the provider requires.

Abiquo will automatically create the account and add the credentials to your customer's enterprise.