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Abiquo 4.7

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Release notes for Abiquo 4.6.3






Use JSON templates for Action plans. This feature enables clients of the API (including the UI) to obtain the details of actions in JSON format for use in creating action plans, making the API easier to use.


Introduce read-only and hidden enterprise properties.

  • New privilege "Manage enterprise properties" (in the API "ENTERPRISE_MANAGE_PROPERTIES") to set types and allow access to hidden properties
  • All administrators who can manage enterprises can manage read_write properties and display read_only properties

See Protect enterprise properties with types


Usage API to get Accounting and Billing information. See Usage data in VM hours from the API






Custom vCloud Director pricing
12480Add Azure Dubai region
12474Internal VNC password improvement on ESXiTicket: 12457
12420On Optimization dashboard for highest and lowest panels for CPU and RAM, add percentage over and under
12362Use APIError codes when a LimitErrorException occurs

Support Veeam version 9.5.4a, which does not work with the previous Veeam plugin. Created a new plugin to support Veeam 9.5 update version 4. Dropped support for Veeam 8.0.
Customers will require new licenses and they should delete the previous Backup manager and create a new one, selecting the new Backup plugin.

Ticket: 6062
12313ARM - Improvements in listAllVirtualNetworks in jclouds
12123Improve AMQPProducer reliability
12053Improvements to Default role tab for Allowed datacenters. Add a privilege "Manage default VDC roles" to allow access to the tab. Prevent users from creating a VDC if they will not have enough privileges to work in it: this can occur when the user does not have the "No VDC restriction" privilege and the default VDC role is read only. See Control VDC default roles for enterprises in locations
11899UI - Show pricing estimate message when moving VM between VDCs. See Move a VM to a different VDC

Resolved Issues



12528Azure - Cannot create an instnace
12526Machine update (add machine or periodic check) does not apply any changes - returns empty clusters for a vCenter machine


Error while reconfiguring a VM in a layer with special characters in its name


Error retrieving action plans when an old one exists without scaling group attached to VM
12491Missing logo for 4.5 and 4.6
12479vCloud - cannot redeploy a VM under certain conditions
12476Cannot change VNC password (ESXi version >= 6.5)
12470Default network in VDC does not store ranges for NSX-ECMP. Default gateway IP from autogenerated private network is created and available to be attached
12464In API resource documentation, links to API methods are not working properly
12458Optimization dashboard widgets should filter by "average" parameter, not maximum or minimum
12457Improve VNC connection on ESXiTicket: 6071
12436Pricing credentials tab must only be displayed if users have the MANAGE_PRICING_CREDENTIALS privilege
12357Revoke users' sessions when they are deactivated
12338Creating a VM generates accounting rows
12328Events tab option to update automatically does not work
12325Azure - Abiquo can import VPCs or VNets in locations other than the selected region
12291Amazon - Do not allow users to add unusable public cloud regions. When adding credentials, check that it is possible to connect.
12240Accounting does not stop for VMs when user directly uses DELETE action instead of UNDEPLOY

Connection leak in VF when client connects to message queue after a failure.

  • Now the check of the virtual factory remote service (VFRS) does not check that the state of the AMQP connection or channels are okay
  • If the VFRS cannot connect to AMQP, it will not be able to start the VF webapp
Ticket: 5897
11852Error deploying VM with more than 1 private IP in the same network

Known Issues





Cannot change remote access password when using hot reconfigure of remote access. This is a VMware issue with ESXi version >= 6.5