Abiquo 5.1

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New feature guides

The following feature guides describe new features in Abiquo 5.1.2:

Features and improvements




14327BackupIn Veeam+VMware snapshot plugins and VMware snapshot plugins, allow duplicate VM names.
In Remote Services properties or in the Backup manager, the vCenter endpoint must be exactly the same as the Manager IP of the Abiquo physical machine, even including the protocol.
(warning) If necessary, delete the existing backup manager and create a new one.
For example, ''vcenter01.example.com'' will not match ''https://vcenter01.example.com''

14122vCenterSupport for vCenter 7.
Deprecation of vCenter 5.x

14039MonitoringMetrics support for VMs with duplicate names
13961BackupVeeam - Allow the same backup manager in different datacenters and allow duplicate VM names in different datacenters with backup.
All Abiquo job names on the Veeam server must be changed to the new format: ABQ vm_name:internal_provider_id [Schedule] ([DISABLED])
Run tool to modify Veeam job name as part of the upgrade process.

13814Private cloudAllow administrator to capture VMs with the same names in different datacenters.
Add new property to enable this functionality.
Run tool to modify internal VM identifiers as part of the upgrade process.

Resolved issues




14325KVMVNC access through the UI is disabled
14314Private cloudCannot attach SATA volume to deployed VM
14283vCenterError when retrieving VMs - and duplicated VM name in another hypervisor (duplicate VM retrieved but not captured)
14245vCenter cluster

Cannot deploy thin disk if the 'first' host which mounts the datastore is in maintenance mode

Ticket: 6826
Also in 4.7.9
14229NSXNSX NAT - Cannot delete NAT rules that do not exist in the NSX
14226Private cloudError deleting public IP

User interface: cannot relocate a VM

Ticket: 6819
14197Customer integrationAccount creation error when trying to add a subscription to the customerTicket: 6775
Also in 5.0.5
14195BackupUser interface: User with the appropriate privileges can't assign backup policiesTicket: 6816
14109Public cloudError while synchronizing public hardware profiles after the provider introduced new hardware profiles.
Error: Hardware profile name must be unique for each datacenter

13806OpenIDCookie is not sent on login with OpenID. Add new property to define the SameSite flagTicket: 6706
13770Private cloudEnable administrator to capture VMs with volumes. Add new property to import and capture VMs with volumes. Note that the capture process will not register the volumes in the platform.
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