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The relocate VM feature enables you to move a deployed VM to another hypervisor on the same rack with the same manager. This feature is available for VMware ESXi and uses the vMotion feature. This feature requires the "Relocate a VM into a compatible host" privilege. The Relocate VM button  is on the VM control panel.

Privilege: Relocate a VM into a compatible host

To relocate a VM:

  1. Go to Virtual datacenters → open Virtual appliance → Virtual machines → select VM
  2. In the VM control panel on the lower right-hand side of the screen, click the Relocate VM button  
  3. The platform will display a dialog with a list of hypervisor host where you can relocate the VM
  4. Click on the Show details link to display the host metrics and the Relocate button
  5. Select the host with the same manager where you wish to relocate the VM, go to the host section and click Relocate. The platform will display the VM status as Relocating
  6. After relocation, the new hypervisor location will display in the control panel, for example, with a new Remote access address. If you click the Relocate button again, you should see a different host list, including the original host.

Screenshot: Select the VM and click relocate

Relocate a VM to move it to a compatible host in the same datacenter using vMotion


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Screenshot: Host selection list

Select a host to relocate a VM using vMotion

Screenshot: Host metrics and Relocate button

Check host metrics when selecting a hypervisor to relocate the VM

Screenshot: After relocation, the new host details are shown, for example, with a new Remote access address

After you relocate a VM the platform displays the new host details on the VM control panel

Screenshot: You can also check the relocation by clicking the Relocate button again, which will show the original host as a new candidate

Check relocation by clicking the relocate button again to display the original host