Abiquo 5.0

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Abiquo 5.0 introduces a new functionality to reset the guest password in vCloud Director.

On a VM with guest tools installed, an administrator can edit a template and select Hypervisor tools and the option to Generate an initial guest password.

When the user creates a VM, the platform also displays the checkbox, which means that the user can deselect the Guest initial password option.

When the user has deployed the VM, to display initial password in a popup, the user can click the key display initial guest password button. The user must have the privilege to Retrieve virtual machine initial password

Now in vCloud Director, the dialog has a button to Reset guest password. This requires an additional privilege to Reset VM guest password.

The platform will automatically shut down the VM and run the process to reset the password, then it will restart the VM.

The platform will send the new password by email or SMS, using the same email template that informs the user of the initial guest password. See Guest setup for configuration details.

The user can then connect to the VM by clicking the console button and entering the root or administrator username, followed by the initial guest password. We recommend that the user changes this password as soon as possible.

The remote console connection to the VM is via WebMKS and the administrator can brand the console window. See Branding WMKS

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