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Abiquo 4.5

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Restricted virtual appliances and their contents are effectively not visible and/or operable by users without the appropriate privileges. This feature could be used for cases such as outsourcing virtual appliances or running provider applications in the user’s VDC.

Privilege: Manage restricted VApps and VMs, View restricted VApps and VMs, Restrict VM

Screenshot: the platform displays restricted virtual appliances with the label "Restricted". These VApps and their VMs and scaling groups do not display for a user without the privilege to view them.

Users who can Manage restricted virtual appliances can select the Restricted checkbox when creating or editing a virtual appliance. For other users this checkbox will not display. Users with this privilege can work with VMs in restricted VApps.

To restrict a VM by moving it to a restricted VApp:

  1. Click the VM move button on the VM control panel
  2. To move a VM to a restricted virtual appliance, the user can do one of the following depending on their privileges:
    • select the option to move the VM to a restricted VApp
    • select a restricted VApp from the list
    • create a new restricted VApp.

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