Abiquo 5.2

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When you delete a physical machine, the platform will put deployed VMs of all types in the “Not allocated” state, without changing the state of the VMs on the hypervisor.

If you later add the physical machine again or upgrade to using clusters as physical machines, the platform will automatically update all VMs from the hypervisor, returning captured VMs on the hypervisor to a deployed state. In the API these resynchronized VMs will have the same ID and URL as before.

Note: VMs deployed from a template or instance can be recreated by deploying from that template or instance. However, as captured VMs don’t have a template, it is important to create an instance if you wish to recreate them on a new hypervisor. Remember that Abiquo’s V2V and Export features may help you to deploy on a different hypervisor type, or export to public cloud. 

Screenshot: Hypervisor with captured VMs.

Screenshot: On deleting the physical machine, the VMs are put in a Not allocated state

Screenshot: After adding the physical machine (or upgrading to use clusters as physical machines), the VMs are automatically recovered as captured VMs. Here the list of VMs is sorted by virtual datacenter name.

Screenshot: The VMs in the virtual appliance are deployed in the ON or OFF state

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