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Abiquo 4.7

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After Abiquo is installed, by default you can access the platform through the web interface.

Enter this URL in your browser:


The Abiquo client is compatible with the latest versions of almost all major web browsers. Check Abiquo Infrastructure Guide#User Interface for further details.

The default data for this platform are:

  • Users & Organizations:
    • Enterprise: Abiquo
    • Cloud Administrator (Complete access to all functionality)
      • Username: admin
      • Password: xabiquo
    • Enterprise User (Virtual applications only)
      • Username: user
      • Password: xabiquo

Getting Started with Abiquo

Abiquo is a flexible platform that will allow you to configure your cloud infrastructure as required.

We recommend that the system administrator logs in first as Cloud Administrator, using the default credentials above, and then changes the default passwords and user details.

To edit your user account, click on the username or icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen and select Edit user from the pull-down menu.

Abiquo username menu

Change the password, enter the email, and change other details as required.

Note that this account is the main cloud administrator account and its role and privileges cannot be changed. However, the cloud admin account may be replaced with another equivalent cloud administrator account. You can also edit this user account and other user accounts in Users View

More details: Configure your user account

Obtain a trial license

To obtain a trial license from within the product if your server is connected to the internet, do these steps:
  1. Double-click on the red Unlicensed link underneath your username in the top right-hand corner of the screen. If you cannot see the Licenses tab, click the link again.
    Menu bar link to configure a license
    This will take you to the Configuration view on the Licenses tab. Click the 'Request a license' link. 
    Configuration link to obtain a license
  2. On the Request a license dialog, enter your email address and details, and click Save

Form to request a trial license
Abiquo will automatically email you the license key.

If your server is not connected to the internet, send an email requesting a license to license at abiquo dot com.

Add a license to Abiquo

To add a license to Abiquo do these steps:

  1. Go to Configuration → Licenses
  2. Click the add button in the top right-hand corner of the screen
    Configuration of Licenses to add a license in Abiquo

  3. In the Add a license popup, paste the license in the License key field and click Save

Check that your license details contain the correct enabled plugins, available cores, and expiration date for each license.

Error messages and logs in the UI

At some point you may see a warning "toast" message in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. This message will pop up and stay on the screen until it is clicked, or for a few seconds only. 

 Click here to show/hide the screenshot

Example of an error toast message

To review the toast messages that have appeared in the UI during the current session, click the Logs link on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

A popup will open with details of recent error messages. You can copy error message text from this popup. Further details of any events in the platform can be found in Events View.

Help Using Abiquo

To open the help page for a pop-up in Abiquo, click the wiki links help '?' button when it is displayed in the top-left corner of a pop-up. You can configure the display of the help button and the URLs of the help pages in Configuration view

 Click here to show/hide the screenshot

To open the Abiquo tutorials available for your user role, click the Tutorials link at the bottom of the screen.

To open the cloud platform documentation, click the Documentation link at the bottom of the screen. The URL for this documentation is set in Configuration View on the Dashboard tab.

Troubleshooting First Login

When you connect to the Abiquo server, make sure you are using the correct protocol for your server (HTTPS or HTTP). The Abiquo client will download to your browser. If you cannot log in and there is no problem with your user account, there may be a problem with the connection to the Abiquo server. Check the UI configuration in the client-config-custom.json file ("config.endpoint":"http://<serverIPaddress>/api",). See Configure Abiquo UI. There could also be a problem with the connection to the Abiquo database. Check the jdbc connection details.


To display the Abiquo Support contact information, click the Support link at the bottom of the screen.

The default message is:

Designated Support Contacts can raise support tickets here.
If you are not a Designated Support Contact, please contact your organization's support personnel to obtain support for this product.

The word "here" is linked to support.abiquo.com. This message can be customized by editing the message text in the UI language files. See Abiquo UI Client Language Configuration#CustomizeAboutandSupportMessages

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