Abiquo 5.2

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This section describes how to upgrade from Abiquo 4.7 or above to the current Abiquo version. If you need to upgrade from an earlier version, please contact Abiquo Support.

Abiquo YUM repositories are no longer open, please contact Abiquo Support to obtain your credentials

Major upgrade

The upgrade to Abiquo 5.2.0 is a major upgrade with upgrades of third-party software packages that are critical platform dependencies

You must make snapshots of ALL servers before you start the upgrade

We have divided the Abiquo v5.2.0 upgrade process into 3 main upgrade profiles as shown in the diagram below. 

Please consider if your environment has customizations that may require additional or different steps.

And select from the following instructions according to your profile. 

We highly recommend that you carefully check your platform environment before you start this upgrade.