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Abiquo now offers a DHCP remote service using dnsmasq, which overcomes some limitations of DHCP in a cloud environment. For VLANs, Dnsmasq uses network namespaces to provide VLAN isolation. In a private cloud datacenter, you can configure Dnsmasq instead of the default DHCP server that uses the OMAPI protocol. 

For full details of how to install and configure a dnsmasq remote service. See Configure DHCP remote service with dnsmasq. Note that if you already have private cloud datacenters with virtual datacenters, you will need to introduce existing platform networks. 

After you complete the configuration, add the Dnsmasq remote service to your cloud platform. 

The protocol name for the remote service is “dnsmasq” and the default port is 832. 

  • To add the Dnsmasq remote service when you create a new private cloud datacenter, enter the protocol and URL of the remote services server.
  • To add the Dnsmasq remote service to a cloud platform with existing datacenters, first add it in Infrastructure under Remote Services.

Screenshot: Add the Dnsmasq remote service to the cloud platform.

Then edit your private cloud datacenters and select the new remote service to replace the DHCP remote service that uses OMAPI.

Screenshot: Add the Dnsmasq remote service to a private cloud datacenter.

Now the platform will use Dnsmasq to assign IP addresses to your users' VMs.

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