Abiquo 5.4

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Welcome to Abiquo where the graphical user interface (GUI, also UI) is a single pane of glass for managing your hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environment.  This reference manual presents the UI in detail to cloud administrators, to aid the design and creation of cloud environments and documentation. The manual sections have the same structure as the Abiquo UI. Separate feature guides cover transversal functionality and integrations.

User Guide Contents


Dashboard with statistics and an overview of the resources you are managing on the platform

Goto Home


Manage public clouds and data centers with physical compute, network, and storage resources

Goto Infrastructure

Virtual Datacenters

Configure your virtual resources in the cloud, including virtual machines, networks, and storage

Goto Virtual datacenters

Apps Library

Create a collection of templates to offer users VM templates for self-service deployment.

Goto Apps library


In Abiquo cloud tenants are called enterprises and you can manage them in Users view

Goto Users


Enables cloud providers to price cloud services and supply estimates for user configurations

Goto Pricing


Allows you to see what is happening in Abiquo according to your user permissions.

Goto Events


Configure automation with alerts and action plans to run actions on VMs or scaling groups

Goto Control


Configure the platform, including the UI dashboard, infrastructure defaults, and password security.

Goto Configuration