Abiquo 5.2

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Improved main menu

The icon for Infrastructure has changed to a server stack. The icon for Virtual datacenters has changed to a cloud. The icon for Users has changed shape. There is a new heartbeat icon for the new Control tab. The names of the views have been moved from under the icons to tooltips. As always, you can customize the user icons and the user interface. 

Improved virtual appliance cards

The platform now highlights the current state of the virtual appliance with a colored status indicator and text. And the buttons to deploy or undeploy are now gray. And the show more/show less links have been changed to vertical arrows.

Deploy all VMs button

In previous versions, when you added more VMs to a deployed VApp, the platform would display the Synchronize button. Now the default label on this button has been changed to Deploy all VMs.

Alarms on all metrics across the cloud

You can now create alarms on the Infrastructure Alarms tab and the Cloud Virtual datacenters Alarms tab. The VM alarms tab has been removed.

See Alarms across the cloud

Control view for alerts and action plans

Action plans and alerts have been moved from the virtual appliance level to the highest level to enable users to incorporate alarms from both Infrastructure and Virtual datacenters.

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