Abiquo 5.2

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Abiquo 5.1.1 introduces support for Veeam 10 using the Veeam REST API version 1.5.

Abiquo integrates with Veeam 10 using the following plugins:

  • Veeam 10
  • Veeam 10 + VMware Snapshot

These new plugins require separate licenses.

You will also need to create a new backup manager for Veeam 10 plugins, using the new endpoint. 

For details of how to upgrade to use Veeam 10 plugins, see the following documentation.  

The other changes to the configuration are new Abiquo configuration properties for Veeam 10 and a new hypervisor property for all Veeam versions.

For details of the Veeam backup functionality, see Abiquo Backup Plugins.

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