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Privilege: Access Virtual datacenters view

In the Virtual datacenters view you can manage your compute, network and storage resources. Each virtual datacenter (VDC) is a separate cloud environment in a single datacenter or public cloud region. To access Virtual datacenters view, click the cloud virtual datacenters button.

To display all the virtual datacenters in specific providers, click the funnel filter button at the top of the list and select one or more providers.

Display cloud resources

The myCloud virtual datacenters view contains three sections as described in the following table.

To access the Locations section and the Global section, users must have access to All virtual datacenters. This means that they have the No VDC restriction privilege OR the administrator has not limited their access to a set of virtual datacenters only. 

Many resources may be available in more than one context, for example, you onboard Managed Disks from Azure in the Azure location and you assign them to VMs in virtual datacenters.

SymbolSection nameContains virtual resources...Examples

Virtual datacenters... associated with virtual datacenter entities

VMs in a location, and their resources, subnet IPs, public IP addresses, firewalls, load balancers

Resources in an AWS VPC or assigned to VMs in an Azure virtual network

Locations...associated with a datacenter or public cloud regionNetworks (public IP addresses, firewalls, load balancers, Azure availability sets), and Volumes

Global...available across more than one cloud locationAzure Resource groups and Google VPC networks

Screenshot: Locations view of Public IPs.

Screenshot: Global view of Azure Resource Groups


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