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Abiquo 4.7

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Abiquo 4.7.0 extends the existing vCloud hard disk functionality that detects additional hard disks. Users can now edit VMs to add and remove auxiliary hard disks in Abiquo.

Users can hot-reconfigure VMs to attach and detach SCSI hard disks, and power off VMs to attach and detach IDE disks. Administrators should update existing templates to use hot reconfigure. The platform will enable hot reconfigure for new templates by default.

As in previous versions, the platform detects changes made directly in vCloud Director to the disk sequence or the bus/unit number but users cannot make these changes in the platform.

vCloud Director does not support resize of disks if the organization vDC uses fast provisioning. Users can create VMs with up to 3 IDE disks because IDE 1:0 is reserved on vCloud.