Abiquo 5.3

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In Abiquo 5.2, the user can now set a custom icon for each VM to enable them to easily identify their applications.

To set a custom VM icon:
  1. Edit the VM and go to General
  2. Enter an Icon URL
    1. Enter the URL for the template's icon. This must be a URL with a public IP address, not localhost or It may contain the IP address of the API server. Use the same protocol as the server to avoid mixed content errors
    2. Square icon images with a size of 128x128 pixels and a transparent background look best. The compatible image formats are PNG, JPG, and GIF.
  3. Save your changes to the VM

The platform will display your custom icon for the VM.

Your custom icons will have priority over the platform’s default icon from the branding theme and the icons that the administrator adds to VM templates.

If you later remove the icon URL, the template icon or default icon will display.

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