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Download from a Remote Template Repository


Manage repository
Manage repository
0Download template from
1remote repository

If you have the Manage repository privilege, then you can add template repositories for users to download template definitions and disks from a remote template repository to the Appliance Library.

If you have the Download template from remote repository privilege, then you can download template definitions and disks.

Select the download from remote template repository option to open the following screen.

Select the repository in the left column, to update the categories and template definitions available. Select a category or All categories. The right column will contain the template definitions available to be downloaded to your datacenter for deployment. An icon, title and brief description is provided for each. Click on Show disks to see the disk information.

  • Download: Mark the check box next to each template definition you wish to download and then click the Download button at the top of the screen to start downloading. 

  • Abiquo will check that this template download will not exceed the repository limits for your enterprise or your enterprise in the datacenter.

  • A status bar will appear next to the selected packages showing the download state.

titleTemplate Category

If a template belongs to a category in the remote template repository and the category does not exist in the appliance library, this new global category will be created when it is downloaded.

Manage Remote Repositories


Manage repository
Manage repository

On the Create template from remote template repository dialog, you can also

  • Add or Remove remote template repositories: at the top of the first column there are two buttons (add and delete) for managing the template repositories available. Click on the add button and enter a URL (complete with http:// and port number) for a template repository to download template definitions from.

titleDefault repository space

When an enterprise repository is created, a default template repository is provided with this URL

  • Refresh: click the refresh button in the top-right corner of the dialog to refresh the screen with the current template definitions available, downloaded, etc.