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All of the Abiquo functions that you can perform through the GUI are also available through a RESTful API, enabling additional integration or automated configuration of the platform.

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The infrastructure view provides the Cloud Admin with a summary view of the Cloud Infrastructure. The view shows Compute (CPU/Memory), Storage and Networking resources. The Cloud Admin can easily see the resources allocated to Cloud users (black) and the used resources (red), as well as the reserved public IPs (green). It is possible to allocate more resources than those that actually exist, until the users need to consume the real resources.


titleClick here to show/hide the task: Create a datacenter

Customers wish to leverage existing virtualized infrastructure. Abiquo can mange a pool of IT resources (servers, networking and external storage) that are in the same physical location on the same Local Area Network (LAN).

To create a new private cloud datacenter:

  1. Go to Infrastructure view, on the Private tab, and click the + button
  2. Enter the name of the datacenter and the location
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  3. Enter the IP address of the monolithic Abiquo server, and click Duplicate IP addresses to copy the remote service locations
  4. Click the "Accept" button to use this remote services configuration for the datacenter.
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A new Datacenter is created with all available resources managed by Abiquo.