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The infrastructure view provides the Cloud Admin with a summary view of the Cloud Infrastructure. The view shows Compute (CPU/Memory), Storage and Networking resources. The Cloud Admin can easily see the resources allocated to Cloud users (blackorange/red limits) and the used resources (red), as well as the reserved public IPs (green). It is possible to allocate more resources than those that actually exist, until the users need to consume the real resources.

The resources come from multiple datacenters and public cloud regions that are listed in the Infrastructure view on the left of the GUI. The Cloud Admin is able to view and administer multiple data centers from the same interface (or single pane of glass). In private cloud, an Abiquo datacenter Each cloud location has Abiquo Remote Services to manage resources. So a “datacenter” may represent all the resources in one geographic location, or one part of a large environment that is broken down into multiple data centers. An Abiquo And a "public cloud region" represents resources in the a public cloud provider, for example, Amazon EC2. The Abiquo datacenter or public cloud region is one level at which you can apply Abiquo control policies. Within the datacenter or public cloud region the Cloud Admin can view and administer resources, such as Servers (compute), Networking and Storage.