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Abiquo 4.7

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  • Datacenters require a unique datacenter ID shared by appliances inside the same datacenter.
  • The appliances should be able to reach some NTP servers to keep their clocks synchronized.
  • The Server and Monolithic appliances require DNS resolution for SSL to work out of the box.
  • Appliances require static network configuration.
  • The appliances should have internet access with correct configuration at boot time, in order to download JCE libraries. If not, you must manually download and install the libraries. See Invalid secret key requires JCE encryption libraries




HostnameThis is the name the appliance will use internally. Abiquo does not use this for anything and it can be freely choosenchosen.

Management IP address

IP of the management NIC

Management IP netmask

Netmask of the management NIC

Default gatewayDefault gateway in the management network
DNS server listIPs of DNS servers separated by in a blank space separated list
NTP server listAbiquo appliances use NTP to fulfill the platform clock synchronization requirements