Abiquo 2.6

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  1. Download the Boxgrinder meta-appliance from the Boxgrinder website
    The meta-appliance is a virtual machine disk. Follow the Boxgrinder tutorial on the Boxgrinder website to deploy it in a hypervisor.
  2. Log in to the Boxgrinder meta-appliance virtual machine (default login root and password boxgrinder)
  3. Download sample appliance definitions
    The definitions are found at  https://github.com/abiquo/boxgrinder-appliances
    These definitions generate the appliances for the Abiquo Chef Templates.
    For example, check out the definitions using git

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  4. Build the appliance
    Run boxgrinder-build from the boxgrinder-appliances directory.
    To create the Ubuntu Chef VM Template, you must load the boxgrinder-ubuntu-plugin when you run Boxgrinder.