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Abiquo 2.6

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Click the button, select Storage Device, and complete this form: Include PageGUI Adding, Editing and Deleting Managed Storage DevicesGUI Adding, Editing and Deleting Managed Storage Devices

titleAdd NetApp Credentials When Creating the Storage Device

You must add the NetApp credentials when creating or editing a storage device. You cannot add the NetApp credentials in the abiquo.properties file.

After you have created a storage device, you can check its details by selecting it in the list of storage devices.


Click  and complete the form to create a storage device, selecting GENERIC_iSCSI storage technology:

Include PageGUI Creating a Generic iSCSI Storage DeviceGUI Creating a Generic iSCSI Storage DeviceAdding and deleting volumes is described in the Managing Generic iSCSI Volumes section below.


To modify a Storage Pool, select it and click the button to open the Edit form. You cannot modify the name of the Storage Pool because it is already defined. You can change the tier of all types of storage. You can also set the usable percentage of a pool, as well a the maximum number of volumes in the pool. Include PageGUI Edit Storage PoolGUI Edit Storage Pool

Remove a Storage Pool

To remove a storage pool, first remove all of the volumes within it. Then select the pool in the list and click the button to remove it.


The Tiers tab contains the default tiers in Abiquo. You cannot add or remove Tiers, but you can change the tier name and enable/disable the required tiers. Select a Tier and click the button to edit it.

Include PageGUI Managing Storage Service LevelsGUI Managing Storage Service Levels

titleRestrict Enterprise Access to Tiers

After an enterprise has created volumes in a tier, you cannot restrict access to the tier for that enterprise.

titleDisabling Tiers

You cannot disable a Tier if it contains volumes.

titleMultiple Pools in Tiers

Abiquo uses all pools assigned to a tier. When you create a volume, Abiquo will automatically allocate it to a pool in the chosen tier in accordance with the Storage Pool Allocation.

Control Access to a Storage Service Level for all Enterprises


To add a pre-existing generic iSCSI volume, open your datacenter and generic iSCSI storage device. Then click the button below the Volume list and complete the form. Note that many storage systems will automatically generate a LUN of 0 by default. Include PageGUI Adding a Generic iSCSI VolumeGUI Adding a Generic iSCSI Volume

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