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Login Resource


Exposed Resources Hierarchy
Login Resource



Table of Contents

Provides access to the information of the current user.

Main URI of the Resource

This class operates mainly over the Resource URI: /login

Exposed Methods

Get the information of the current user

Get the information of the current user.

Synopsis: GET http://example.com/api/login
Roles Required:
Request Headers: Accept: application/vnd.abiquo.user+xml; version=2.4; Content-type: ;
Request Parameters:



Default Value






Request Message Body Entity:
Response Message Body Entity: User Media Type
Request Example:

Click here to show or hide the request example
Click here to show or hide the request example
Code Block
titleGet the information of the current user example
$ curl http://example.com/api/login \
    -v -u user:pass \
    -X GET \
    -H "Accept: application/vnd.abiquo.user+xml;version=2.4"

GET http://example.com/api/login HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Basic YWRtaW46eGFiaXF1bw==
Accept: application/vnd.abiquo.user+xml;version=2.4

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 10:55:15 GMT
Keep-Alive: timeout=15, max=76
Set-Cookie: JSESSIONID=5EDBB9F8E96FBCD91DC00FBBE205B320.node1; Path=/api
Set-Cookie: auth=YWRtaW46MTM1OTM3MjMxNTIxNTo5MjU0YWUxYTZmYzM2YmI0YjE3NjBkZTYxZGY1YTFiZjpBQklRVU8; Expires=Mon, 28-Jan-2013 11:25:15 GMT; Path=/api
Connection: Keep-Alive
Content-Type: application/vnd.abiquo.user+xml;version=2.4
Content-Length: 828
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
    <link rel="edit" type="application/vnd.abiquo.user+xml" href="http://example.com/api/admin/enterprises/1/users/1"/>
    <link rel="enterprise" type="application/vnd.abiquo.enterprise+xml" href="http://example.com/api/admin/enterprises/1"/>
    <link rel="role" type="application/vnd.abiquo.role+xml" href="http://example.com/api/admin/roles/1"/>
    <link rel="virtualmachines" type="application/vnd.abiquo.virtualmachines+xml" href="http://example.com/api/admin/enterprises/1/users/1/action/virtualmachines"/>
    <description>Main administrator</description>