Abiquo 2.6

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Minor changes have been made to the Abiquo Billing Integration for Abiquo 2.6:

  • Support for the new ‘Repository’ item in the pricing template
    • Used to generate a Repository ‘cost’ for the CSV and DBMS connectors.
  • Updated the hypervisor section in the example properties files (billing, CSV, and DBMS)
    • Added new ‘Amazon’ and ‘Oracle VM’ hypervisor types
    • Removed ‘Xen’ and ‘Virtual Box’ hypervisors
  • Billing Component version changed to 2.6.0

Upgrade an existing Billing Integration

If you need to upgrade an existing Billing Integration, please use the following guidelines and instructions:

Before Upgrade

The format of the data output by the billing integration data has changed.  An additional Repository ‘cost’ column has been added to the output of the DBMS and CSV connectors.  If you are generating cost data with your existing Billing Integration, then upgrading will affect the format of the DBMS billing table and the content of the CSV file. Perform the following pre-upgrade steps:

  • Process any billing data that is not yet processed
  • Archive and rename any billing output (DBMS tables or CSV files) so the new Billing Connector can generate new tables/files in the correct format.

Upgrade Steps

  1. Replace the existing 'bin' folder of the '/opt/BillingIntegration' folder with the 'bin' folder from the Billing Integration 2.6.0 distribution package
  2. Optional step: adjust the properties files to include the new Hypervisor Types documented in the properties files in the 2.6.0 distribution package.