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The details of the Abiquo remote services are listed in the following table. 

Remote serviceProtocolPortExtension
Virtualization managerhttp://8009virtualfactory
Monitor managerhttp://8009vsm
Appliance managerhttp://8009am
Discovery managerhttp://8009nodecollector
Storage managerhttp://8009ssm
Business process managerhttp://8009bpm-async
DHCP serviceomapi://7911 
DHCPV6 serviceomapi://7911 

Depending on your system, other configurations are possible, for example, to avoid CORS issues, you might decide to configure AM access through HTTPS on port 443.


To modify a remote service to add it to public cloud regions or datacenters, perform a put request with a remote service entity containing the links to the locations where you want to add the remote service.

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