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abiquo.nsx.transport-zoneThe transport zone where the networks created by Abiquo will be attached.
abiquo.nsx.edge.cluster-idIdentifier (in VCenter) of the cluster where Abiquo will deploy the ESG.
abiquo.nsx.edge.datastore-idIdentifier (in VCenter) of the datastore where Abiquo will deploy the ESG.


Id of the port group where Abiquo will attach the ESG uplink.
abiquo.nsx.edge.public-network-cidr Network range where the ESG uplink IP and the "public" load balancer IPs will be taken from. It must be a range dedicated to Abiquo.

Number of IP addresses that are reserved for NSX in each private network to allocate to load balancers. Default: 20
The gateway can be address 1. The reserved IPs range starts from address 2 for the number of IPs configured by the user, by default, up to address 21
Users should work with automatic IP allocation. In any case, the system administrator should inform the users of the range and by default, the first free address is address 22 


Adding the NSX device in the Abiquo Datacenter