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titleGet started with Abiquo hybrid cloud platform

Basic concepts to get start working with the Abiquo multi-cloud platform.

Welcome to Abiquo!

The Abiquo platform is a true hybrid cloud system that manages multiple private data centers and public clouds through a single console, and enables you to offer your customers a single cloud bill. Abiquo also has the building blocks for a customized cloud service, with functionality delivered through the Abiquo UI and integration points.

  • Abiquo enables Cloud Administrators to manage resources in multi-cloud environments and to control their use through policy.
  • Abiquo provides governance through dashboards in the UI, as well as reports showing how the infrastructure is being used and where VMs exist on the platform.
  • Abiquo meters all operations, which means that it measures and tracks all resources allocated or consumed. This enables accounting and billing of the cloud service usage. 

Get started with Abiquo

The first steps are to become familiar with Abiquo concepts and the basic architecture.


Then you can obtain a test installation of the platform, log in, and work through a guided tour with basic tasks.


These basic guides describe how to use the platform 


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