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Abiquo 4.7

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Use Case 3.2

Define Resource Allocation limits for the Enterprise.

Use Case Description

The Hard and Soft Limits offer the Cloud Operator a way to limit the amount of physical resources that and Enterprise will be able to consume. This is very useful to avoid common problems in cloud platforms, such as resource over allocation or an enterprise using resources belonging to others, or even preventing DoS attacks. These limits will also help System Administrators to anticipate user needs and anticipate resource demands.
The exact meaning of these limits is:
Hard Limit: The maximum amount of virtual resources (CPU, RAM, Local Hard Disk, External Storage, Repository, VLANs, Public IPs) that an enterprise will be allowed to consume.
Soft Limit: A limit that is always less than the Hard Limit that is used to alert users. When an enterprise reaches the soft limit, an alert will be shown to users to inform that they are reaching the resource allocation limits for their enterprise.
Hard and Soft Limits are used by the Resource Scheduler in order to decide if a user can or cannot deploy a virtual appliance.


  • Abiquo Management Server
  • Enterprise created


Limits set based on business agreement with enterprise holder


1. Login as SysAdmin
2. On the users screen select a specific Enterprise
3. Select configuration button and select the "allocation limits" tab
4. Set "Soft limits" for warning and "Hard Limits" to set maximum allowable limits for use by enterprise to deploy virtual appliances/virtual machines

Expected results

The platform will display create an event for administrators if the users approach the "Soft Limit" and Enterprise users will not be able to deploy virtual machines past the "Hard Limits".