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Task: Add a physical machine

  1. Use the + button to create a new physical machine. For example, for vCenter.

    Select the hosts to add to Abiquo and configure them as described here.
    1. For each hypervisor host, you must enable a network interface (by assigning a Network Service Type). This is the network interface that is listening on VLANs.
    2. For each hypervisor host, you must enable at least one datastore (mark the checkbox). (warning) Do not enable the vm_repository for use as a datastore.

If necessary, edit the datastore to complete the configuration, for example, on KVM you may wish to add the datastore directory, such as var/lib/virt. Repeat the process of adding the physical machine for additional hypervisor hosts. Add the datastores to a datastore tier.

The platform can import VMs that were deployed before the machine was added to Abiquo. You can capture these VMs and manage them with Abiquo.