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We recommend reading the User's Guide alongside this document to help you understand the concepts of IaaS as offered by our Platform.

Table of Contents


When planning an Abiquo installation, check the requisites at the links below first.


Then you must install the essential base configuration described here before you install the Abiquo platform servers.

Required knowledge

Some essential system administration skills required for managing the cloud platform are as follows.

  • CentOS/RedHat Linux expertise for maintaining the Abiquo servers, which are Linux servers
  • Computer and network security expertise is required to configure and maintain the cloud platform
  • Advanced hypervisor knowledge including virtual machine templates 
  • Networking including design, switch configuration, VLAN and DHCP
  • Storage including hypervisor datastores, NFS/CIFS and iSCSI storage

User interface browsers

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User interface browser version compatibility table

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