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Abiquo 4.7

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  1. Log in to the Abiquo Server as root
  2. Change to the UI directory

    Code Block
    cd /var/www/html/ui/config

  3. Back up the client-config-custom.json file, for example

    Code Block
    cp client-config-custom.json ~/client-config-custom.json.backup

  4. If necessary, edit client-config-custom.json to enable Google Maps   

    Code Block
    "client.google.maps.enabled": true, 

  5. Add the Google Maps key. For example:

    Code Block
    "client.google.maps.key": "asdasdDryNhzxEdtfDnGQBKDAtzFqRhjeTUEh_g"


  6. Reload Abiquo in your browser, which will log you out.  
  7. Confirm the installation by using "View Source" on the Abiquo login page. You should see the API key.
  8. When you log in to Abiquo, you should see the arrow pins marking the location locations of your datacenter.

If there are no valid credentials or datacenters with locations, the map will be centred on Barcelona, Spain. See Configure map defaults 


  • Improve Datacenter Location Details: If your datacenter is not correctly plotted, try adding more details of the location. For example, if your datacenter is located in Barcelona, Venezuela and you enter Barcelona, the map will show the location as Barcelona in Spain. In this case, you would enter "Barcelona, Venezuela" in the Datacenter location for a correct visualization.
  • Google maps charges for map usage, see https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/usage#usage_limits